Tuesday, September 23, 2008

May my Uncle Jimmy rest in peace

May you rest in Peace as your fond memories remain in our hearts.JAMES PACHECO
February 25, 1925 September 16,2008
He Is Gone, But Not Forgotten Anonymous
He is gone, but not forgotten
His memory lives on , you were a blessing Who fulfilled our lives for so long.
Now our eyes are filled with sorrow For without you is how we face tomorrow
Laughter is how I remember you best Full of faith, sunshine, and happiness

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Your prayers are being requested

Dear family and blogger friends,
Please say a prayer for my father's younger brother, James Pacheco, who was admitted into Rhode Island Hospital and is in intensive care.

I received a call from my Godmother, Aunt Hilda, this morning telling me that Uncle Jimmy had a stroke and that he did not look very good last night when she went in to see him.

Give yourself whatever gifts of time and rest you need to feel better - and

know that you're surrounded by caring thoughts and prayers and heartfelt wishes.
Rest easy. Get well.
-- Author Unknown

Friday, September 5, 2008

What country are you?

You Are Brazil
You are carefree and fun loving. You like to party all night.
You are warm and physically affectionate. No one is friendlier than you.

You are lively and a great conversationalist. You can talk for hours.
You are creative and willing to take risks. You are a true free spirit.