Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter everyone memories of Easter past

Easter was a time of getting a new bonnet, a new dress and new Buster Brown patent-leather white shoes. I would dress up and Mommy and Daddy would take me to St Francis Xavier Church and then after church we would go to Roger Williams Park to take photos.
After the Park we visited my Mommy's brother , Uncle Manny and Aunt Rose Medeiros and have dinner and take more pictures. We did this annually as a family event.
This was taken in their back yard (1954) I was 10 and my brother was six At sixteen I still loved dressing up for Easter, going to church and visiting family. I continued this as a family Easter tradition to my own family once I was married and had children.
My two sons, Mark Alan at three and John Michael at five with the Easter Bunny.
May you enjoy your family on this special day that we remember "He's alive - He has Risen.
I have written a meaning of this day on my blog at buyerschoice