Thursday, January 31, 2008

Remininsing our past Easter 1974

It is Easter 1974 and John Michael is 3 and Mark Alan is 6 months. We would dress up and go to St Judes Church, Front Street, Lincoln, RI on Easter Sunday. John would get me a beautiful orchid corsage to wear on Easter outfit. The boys were always so good in church. I would give John Michael one of his hot wheel miniature trucks and he would play with it during the mass, driving it along the pew. I cannot believe how faded these photos are, since they were in a photo album.
The cake I made for Mark Alan's First Birthday was a head of a dog after our shepherd, Duke age 2.

Monday, January 7, 2008

What a way to spend our honeymoon evening.......

It had been a most wonderful memorable extremely hot 90 degrees June 28, 1969. The 11:00am wedding was at St Francis Xavier Church in East Providence, RI with Fathers Rego and Diogo officiating. Following photographs being taken at Slater Park, in Pawtucket, RI, we gathered family and friends at the Falstaff Restaurant in Seekonk, Ma. We were scheduled to leave for Greene Airport, in Warwick for a 7:00 flight to New York to meet the Franconia Cruise line to go to Bermuda for our honeymoon. At about 9pm we were still in the air flying in circles and hovering above New York Laquardia Airport. We told the crew that the ship was leaving at 10:30pm and we were going to miss the departure. They had us talk ship to shore with the Captain of the liner, who told us he could wait only until 11pm, the latest, so he would not disrupt his schedule. They red tagged our luggage so we would be the first to get off and a cab would be waiting to take us to the pier.
We held our breath and prayed for a safe landing in time to meet the time frame, however this was not going to happen...that was the time the air traffic congestion was occuring. Our American Airline could not get a clear for landing from traffic control, there were too many planes in the air waiting to land and that they had to wait their turn. As the time progressed to 10:00 then 10:15 we knew we would be staying in New York and not leaving with our ship.
When we landed John and I went to the American Air line office and requested a solution to this situation. There I was in my purple going away outfit with hat and corsage sitting on my Samsonite luggage waiting for John to come out and tell me what was happening. It was now past midnight. What a way to spend your honeymoon evening.......
Resolution was that they would fly us out on Monday, June 30th to Bermuda to meet the ship. They would put us up in the Lexington Hotel in New York City for Sunday, June 29th (now my birthday) All in all it wasn't so bad, however we spent our honeymoon in New York City and Bermuda.
Strange occurence though, my wedding announcement stated that we would be going to Bermuda with a short stay in New York. WEIRD.....

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Granted permission to get married.......

It was December 5, 1942 and a young couple was granted permission by the Catholic church to get married during the Christmas season because the young man was leaving in 7 days to Fort Devins as an enlisted army soldier. That couple were my parents, Mary Kathyrn Medeiros, daughter of Manuel C. Medeiros and the late Anna Medeiros to Edmund Joseph Pacheco, son of Virginia Camara Pacheco and Manuel R. Pacheco.

They met at a roller skating rink in East Providence and then worked together at the American Lace Company in Pawtucket, where my Dad worked in shipping and my Mom was a thread drawer. My mom's birthday was August 25, 1922 and my Dad's, March 27, 1921

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Inherited genes from Grandfather and Great-Grandfather

At the age of 14, our son, John Michael built a free-standing shingled wooden 12ft by 12ft shed on a cement slab in our rear yard with no carpentry training except for assisting and watching his grandfather in the past. This project was scheduled to be built during 1986 summer vacation with his grandfather, however unexpectedly his grandfather (my father) passed away on June 10th. Saddened by this John Michael told his father and me that he would still build this shed. This shed was built with so much love that we felt that his grandfather was with him giving him the knowledge and ability to complete this project.
These internal carpentry genes come from his grandfather, Edmund Joseph Pacheco and his great-grandfather, Manuel R Pacheco, who were professional carpenters their entire lives. In the early years they worked as Pacheco and Son, building many houses. Later when Manuel died, Edmund continued working as a carpenter building and repairing Almacs supermarkets on salary rather than maintaining his own business.

Another project John completed at an early age was re-doing the basement of his church as an Eagle Scout project. A major project he did along side his dad (who also was not trained in carpentry) was to gut out the front and partial sides of a building we purchased to become our real estate office. I have included these amazing photos in the slide below.