Thursday, February 26, 2009

Down Memory Lane February 25/26, 2009

The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation, established in 2004 by the Gemma Family in memory of their mom, Gloria Gemma who died from breast cancer, hosted the 3rd Annual Flames of Hope…"A Celebration of Life" at WaterFire on Saturday, October 11, 2008 in downtown Providence, RI.We were watching our 2 grandsons from South Carolina, during this event so we decided to take them to see the waterfire and the procession of lights.The festivities began at 5:30 PM at the RI State House with the enormously uplifting Flames of Hope Torch Parade and the lighting of the RI State House in Pink to celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We waited in line for the procession to start. The boys were so patient as we were early to get a great viewing spot up front.

As the people went by we felt their inspiration and their hope in the people and the crowd. The survivors were wearing pink ribbons.There were so many woman, a few men and a few children, all ages.
The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation relies completely on donations and fundraising to fulfill their mission of raising breast cancer awareness, increasing breast health education, and generating funding for critical breast health programs. Their promise is that 100% of the net proceeds will remain in the local community.

The lighted statehouse with its pink dome as the procession and ceremony ended. There were many food vendors and tents with sponsors and music. Click on this image to read about memories from other bloggers, and begin your own memory walk.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1st Automated Post Office of the United States

My Tuesday World

First Fully Automated Post Office on the US
Post Office - Main Office 24 Corliss Street,
Providence, RI 02904
(800) 275-8777 Free

In 1958 Rhode Island Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield ordered construction of the First
Fully Automated Post Office of the United States at Providence, Rhode Island in the West River Development Area.
The Providence Post Office was designed with the latest electronic and mechanical devices of the time to automatically move more than a million pieces of mail daily with a speed and efficiency never before achieved. It became known as the "Turnkey Post Office".
This First Fully Automated Post Office of the United States was dedicated October 20, 1960 by the Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield. Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of the United States.
This is a place I frequent because their lobby which is open 24/7 with an automated mailing machine. I tell my Ebay bidders that I will ship their purchase within 24 hours of payment, therefore I am able to provide 5 star outstanding service by giving them lighting fast shipping. This has earned me 560+ feedback 100%. by shipping my items using this main Providence Posy Office rather than the local branches.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday's Memory 2-18-09 "Everything is fine"

My first born son, John Michael Corbett at age 3

The following memory I shall never forget, it has been embedded in my mind forever..
As I still hear the words:
"Don't be alarmed "Everything is fine" The boys are in their beds asleep, but I know you want to know why I am here."

Actually as we drove up our street that was what I was thinking, when I saw the Mom of our sitter.
We left the children with Debbie her teenage daughter because her sister Donna who was our regular sister and older had to go to an after-school activitity and she would not be back by 6:30 the time we had to go on our listing appointment in town less than 5 minutes away.
Before we left we said to John Michael, 3 years old, a very bright child.
"Mommy and Daddy need to go to your friend Faustos's house to talk with his parents on business and we will be back really soon. Be good and listen to Debbie, Donna's sister and play with your trucks. Debbie is going to watch you and Mark"
He understood we hugged and left, no crying he went to his Tonka trucks and was fine.
SO we thought.........
We asked what happened? Why are you here?
Debbie called me all upset. She said "I was changing Mark and I had left John Michael sitting by the sliders playing with his trucks. I told him I'll be right back that I was going to go and change his brother's diaper.
He shook his head yes.
When I came back to the kitchen He was gone, I went outside and called him, He didn't seem to be around.

Debbie said you left at 6:25 and would be back by 8:00 It was 7:15 when I arrived. I told her we need to call the police. As I was about to call, there was at your front screen door 2 teens and there was John Michael smiling that he had been on quite an exciting adventure.
I opened the door and he ran to Debbie and said,
"Look what I have!"
In his little hand he was holding a nickel.
We asked what had happened.
He said, "I went to see Mommy and Daddy. I knew where I was going. I know Fausto's house behind Bellows."
The girls then spoke and said that is what he said when we saw him walking alone on River Road near Bellow's Funeral Parlor.
We asked him where he lived. He said he knew but would not tell us. So we took the coin out of our pocket and said," Will you show us where you live if we give you this shiny coin?"
"Yes, so we held his hand and here we are right to the door. "

As my DH and I thought about this incident hours later, we couldn't imagine how he went by so many neighbor's houses and no one saw this little one walking along by himself.
We lived at the top of a hill. His journey took him down the hill past 4 houses, then a left on to Holiday Drive, he walked past another 24 houses 12 on each side to the main road, River Road.
There he went past more houses, an elementary school that he would be going to, and the cars on the street.
It was in front of Bellows , 2 blocks further from the school that the teens saw him and approached him and brought him home.
Anyone could have picked him up. We thanked God so much for this not happening and placing these 2 friendly teens at the right moment to meet John Michael. "Praise the Lord"

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My church video using my new Flip Ultra

My First Video using my new Flip

Last week we went to Circuit City to see what sales they were having since they were going out of business and saw that they had 2 Flip Ultra cameras at 30% (retails for $149.99) Great deal, I actually purchased mine (pink one) for just under $100. I had been reading about the great reviews it was getting and how easy it was to use. My son decided we should each buy one, since we both love blogging and social networking on
facebook and
twitter and Active Rain
This Flip Ultra is a mini uncomplicated camcorder, simple to shoot and fits in my pocket. It does not need chargers just 2 AA batteries. It captures sharp vivid videos up close or far away. The best is it has a USB connection, plug it in without any wires. I Love my new tech toy.
The first video I wanted to capture was my Catholic church I have been attending since 1972. It is St Jude's in Lincoln, Rhode Island. It is in walking distance from my home and now after all these years since it was founded in 1946 it is getting a complete renovation, I cannot wait to see the new improved church, which should be done by April 2009. Enjoy!

My Tuesday World- St Judes's Catholic Church

The Catholic church my family and I have been attending since 1972 has been Saint Jude's Church at 301 Front Street, Lincoln, Rhode Island 02865 at the corner of River Road and Front Street Route 126. It was founded in 1946 St. Jude was one of the twelve Apostles. Mark’s (3:18) and Matthew’s (10:3) gospels refer to him as Thaddeus (a surname meaning “amiable or “loving”)
Nothing is impossible with God
When faced with a difficult situation many people pray to St Jude, he has been known as the "apostle for the impossible."
Recreation Center and Rectory for the church on Front Street
I have many great memories attending and being active with this church community, I was lector for many years as the boys were growing up and my first-born John Michael was Altar server. We actually were scheduled to do the same Mass. I was on the Parish council for several years and taught CCD. The pastor I had for many years was Father George Behan who has since retired On the front door there is a sign posted that tells parishioners and guests that this church is not being used until April 2009.The church is being totally renovated. You can see more stages of construction by clicking on the above St Jude's link.
Our temporary church is located at 5 Higginson Avenue Lincoln, RI 02865

in Keefe Funeral HomeIt seems very strange to be having services win a Funeral Home.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Unexpected Evening

Meeting for the first time on February 11, 1967
These 2 photos were taken at my Parents 25th Anniversary December 6, 1967
I was only 23 and John was 28

My special memory fell on this date , February 11, 1967
It was the night that I met a most wonderful young man who later became my dear husband of 40 years this coming June 28th, 2009. I was a 5th teacher at Meadowcrest Elementary School in East Providence, RI. After a week of work and children some teachers would get together and go out on the town.
This particular night I really did not feel like going dancing and socializing so I told my fellow teacher friend, Angie, that I was going to pass. She begged me to please go just for a few hours because she had met a young man, Carney, the previous week that she liked but did not want to go alone and wanted to see him again. Being a good friend I said all right and we got in her '66 yellow Volkwagon beetle and headed to the Grist Mill in Seekonk, Ma And the rest is history.....
Married June 28, 1969

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My World Tuesday 2-10-09 Prospect TerracePark

overlooking his city of Providence in his state of Rhode Island

Roger Williams (December 21, 1603–April 1, 1683) overlooks the Providence downtown City
from his final burial ground in Prospect Terrace Park , a park located on Congdon Street in the College Hill neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island.

The park, founded in 1867, has a statue of the theologian Roger Williams which was built in the late 1935-1939, after Williams' descendant "Stephen Randall made a deed of gift for the monument. This 35-foot stone statue commemorates Roger Williams' founding of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and his promotion for religious freedom. The stature depicts Roger Williams gazing over the city."

In 1939, Roger William's remains were moved into a tomb that lies directly beneath the statue. His body had been overgrown by the roots of an apple tree next to his original grave.

Roger Williams returned to England in July 1643 to obtain a Charter for his colony to forestall the attempt of neighboring colonies taking over Providence. He returned with a Charter for "the Providence Plantations in Narragansett Bay" which incorporated Providence, Newport and Portsmouth.
Roger Williams was Governor of the Colony 1654 through 1658. During the later years of his life, he saw almost all of Providence burned during King Philip's War, 1675-1676. He lived to see Providence rebuilt. Roger Williams died in Providence between 16 January and 16 Apri1683/84, his wife Mary (Barnard) had died in 1676. They were parents of six children, MARY, MERCY,FREEBORN, PROVIDENCE, DANIEL,and JOSEPH, all born in America.

Roger Williams envisioned, and ordained in his settlement at Providence the reality of separation of church and state which the United States of America has maintained.

The capitol of Providence at dusk.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Down Memory Lane February 4/5,2009

My love and passion for art has never ceased from my heart. I always yearn to create. Those who know me or have been following me know that I was an art instructor for the Central Junior High School in East Providence in the late 60's early 70's. As an Art major attending Syracuse University and Rhode Island College I concentrated in the fine arts, design and ceramics.The style periods that inspired and influenced me was Impressionism and Cubism. Cubism was a 20th century avant-garde art movement, pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, that revolutionized European painting and sculpture. To keep my talent alive I heard about the Rhode School of Design Museum having what they called GALLERY NIGHT. The Gallery Night Providence is a free, fun-filled introduction to Providence’s exciting art scene! On the third Thursday of the month, from March 19 through November, nineteen of the city’s hot “art spots”
open their doors inviting you to a visual arts party. You travel at no charge via the Art Bus, which loops continuously to more than a dozen art galleries and museums.I joined their drop-in workshop For Adults Only, with admission being absolutely free for a free art lesson held 5:30-8pm, where I would receive one-on-one instruction from a professional artist/educator. Materials are provided and no experience is necessary.
With a little bit social and a lot of fun, I attended several workshops on Gallery Night. During the 2007 season I attended 5 out of 9 Thursdays. At the end of that 2007 season the professional artists and their staff selected from all of our art pieces for an adult showing. They selected one of mine that they liked which was my mixed media drawing, titled "CHOICE" This created a wonderful memory for me, having my work being displayed in their museum Gallery Exhibition room.
My piece has hidden words, similar to what Picasso and Braque would do in their pieces. Can you find
CHANCE and CHOICE? The media I used was charcoal, magic markers, pencils and cut-out construction paper. Being an abstract you can actually display this in any 4 positions. They have it displayed in a different position. I prefer this way.This museum has excellent examples of the French Impressionist and Post- Impressionist schools by such artists as Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Paul Cézanne, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. There is important work by 19th-century French sculptors Auguste Rodin, Charles-Henri-Joseph Cordier, Jules Dalou, and Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux.
Among the 20th-century European painters in the collection are Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Henri Matisse, and Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Fernand Léger, and Oskar Kokoschka.
Eventually I will post some of my other pieces. I do plan on scheduling time for myself to attend more Thursday Gallery Night workshops.