Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My church video using my new Flip Ultra

My First Video using my new Flip

Last week we went to Circuit City to see what sales they were having since they were going out of business and saw that they had 2 Flip Ultra cameras at 30% (retails for $149.99) Great deal, I actually purchased mine (pink one) for just under $100. I had been reading about the great reviews it was getting and how easy it was to use. My son decided we should each buy one, since we both love blogging and social networking on
facebook and
twitter and Active Rain
This Flip Ultra is a mini uncomplicated camcorder, simple to shoot and fits in my pocket. It does not need chargers just 2 AA batteries. It captures sharp vivid videos up close or far away. The best is it has a USB connection, plug it in without any wires. I Love my new tech toy.
The first video I wanted to capture was my Catholic church I have been attending since 1972. It is St Jude's in Lincoln, Rhode Island. It is in walking distance from my home and now after all these years since it was founded in 1946 it is getting a complete renovation, I cannot wait to see the new improved church, which should be done by April 2009. Enjoy!


George said...

Great job! For your first video with your new tech toy this is very well done. I look forward to seeing more of these in the future.

GrandmaKathleen said...

Thank you George, It is fun and so easy to use the Flip. I plan on incorporating more with my blogs.