Friday, June 5, 2015

Know A Dad? This Father’s Day Ask Him To Take A Stand For Daughters Ever...

Published on Jun 2, 2015

When it comes down to it, Father’s Day is about expressing gratitude.

It’s a chance to reach out to the paternal figure (or figures) in your life who helped you become the strong confident woman you are. Here on, we are also celebrating Father’s Day as an opportunity to empower daughters, everywhere.

You see, if we want to create a world in which more women are empowered, we need everyone’s support — Dad included. So this year, we are asking fathers who want the most for their daughters to sign our Father’s Day Pledge.

Join the conversation with #ThanksDadForSaying or ask your dad to join in with #MyDaughterCan. It’s a way of saying that together, we can raise the bar for girls and women around the world who dream of equality — whether it’s in on a playing field or in a conference room.

An e-card is no substitute for a good old fashioned “I love you.” So, make sure to let him know he’s #1 when you see him or settle in for that Father’s Day FaceTime session Sunday, June 21.

How I wish my Dad was here.

Thinking of you Dad, Edmund Joseph Pacheco