Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1-29-09 Wednesday Memory Walk

I woke up this morning to 6 more inches of fresh snow thus adding to 38 inches accumulation thus far, I decided to make this Wednesday memories of my past winters, when snow was FUN!
The boys loved the snow and I did, too. We lived on the top of a rather steep hill so the enjoyment of fresh snow was to get the sleds out and go down the hill. We had a red plastic toboggan-type sled that I would get on with Mark and go down.
Here Mark Alan is 2 and John Michael is 4. The winter of the 78 blizzard the state was actually shut down and we were told to not try to take any vehicle out. So we walked everywhere, to the stores and had so much fun talking with our neighbors amd making new friends.
Notice the Big wheel John Michael wanted to drive it in the snow, but it was too difficult. The sleds were better.

Below are some current snow images:

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MY WORLD Hearthside — The House That Love Built

Great Road Historic District
at the intersection of Breakneck Hill Road.
This Historic Great Road is in walking distance from my home, about 30 minutes and near the Lincoln Woods State Park.
Along this famous Great Road in my hometown of Lincoln, RI, appears this gorgeous unique fieldstone two-1/2 story 10-room home mansion with 10 fireplaces built in 1810 built by Stephen Hopkins Smith.

The Hearthside, is considered to be one of the "finest examples of early nineteenth century Federal-style houses in Rhode Island. It is located at 677 Great Road (Rt. 123), (Great Road Historic District) at the intersection of Breakneck Hill Road.
Legend has it that Smith built this house to impress a young lady from Providence with winnings from a Louisiana State Lottery, which he kept a secret from her. Upon completion of the house Smith took the young lady for a ride to see this beautiful house, which she commented to him, "Why anyone would want to live in the wilderness!" As a result of her rejection, he never married. In 1996 the town became the owners of this site, and Hearthside has become the backdrop to many public and private social events.
Read about this "Legendary Tale of Stephen Hopkins Smith"

Open second Saturday afternoon of each month

Hearthside House (1810)
677 Great RoadLincoln, RI 02865
(401) 726-0597

This home is on the RI National Register. On this National Registry there are 10 other properties all on Historic Great Road which is in walking distance from my home and near the Lincoln Woods State Park.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Honest Scrap award

Kelly over at "Booda's Business" welcomed and honored my blog by sending me her
"Honest Scrap" award today.
Thank you, Kelly.
Thank you for being my blogger friend that I met thorough my daughter-in-law, Victoria from "2 lil pumpkins"

Here are the rules for the Honest Scrap award -
The honorees are to:
A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - make it interesting, even if that means digging deep!
B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Interesting things about Me, that you may not know: 1. I drank turpentine when I was younger while painting a paint by number painting. I thought it was my ginger ale. (I had 2 cups side by side) I have always loved to sketch, draw, paint and be creative.

2. I always wanted to be a girl scout, but my parents said they didn't have extra money for clubs and extra-curricular activities. I wanted to play a flute and be in the marching band. Still was told I couldn't.

3. I was crowned the Holy Ghost Queen when I was a teenager. I marched in a procession "Feast of the Holy Ghost in Cranston, RI, where my parents and Godparents were members of the Cranston Portuguese Club. This feast is a Catholic celebration that proclaims the faith of the Portuguese and their devotion to the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.

4. Growing up I was very involved with the Sister of St Dorothy and I wanted to become a nun. this ambition changed when I attended college to become a teacher. I always wanted to be a mother and have children.

5. I love to dance, always have and always will. Growing up I would go with my Godmother Hilda to Phillip Street Portuguese Club where we would dance chamaritas and polkas all night. I actually met my DH at a dance club at the Grist Mill in Seekonk, Ma.

6. I attended Syracuse Univerity during the mid 60's when there were racial riots. We actually had to keep our Lawrinson Hall Dorm building locked at all times and were told never to walk alone. I swam in the Onodaga Lake. One of my close friends was from Quebec.

7.I love sunsets along the ocean on a warm evening. Packing a lunch to go and sit on a blanket on the beach or in the park with my Hubby is relaxing and peaceful and inexpensive.

8. Getting high for me is getting a discount and a super deal. I love shopping but will never pay retail. I always hate to spend money I am a saver, not a spender.

9. I have become a computer geek. I love technology and the amazing tools at my finger tips. I blog and enjoy selling Avon and items on eBay. How did I ever graduate from college with my Smith Corona typewriter?

10. My family is my life. I love my grandsons, my children, my Buddy.
I am a very sentimental, emotional, romantic person who loves people and life. I am a servant that believes in helping people.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Memory

It all began with me saying to my DH after visiting my sick Uncle Joe,
“Let go over to the Rhode Island SPCA shelter around the corner at 186 Amaral Street and see what medium-size dogs they have.
"Perhaps they have a Brittany spaniel or a beagle!"
These were my 2 favorites breeds, I even had pictures on my frig from a dog calendar, with one of each. When we went in, the receptionist asked what we were looking for.
"I don't think you have what we want!.
“We are looking for a Brittany Spaniel or a beagle."
“We normally don't get those special breeds, however just an hour ago
a 13-month-old beagle was brought into us”.
"Wow," I couldn’t believe what she had said.
”You can see him, but the vet needs to give him his shots an run a complete
evaluation of tests., so you will need to return”
We went down the hall and saw many dogs that needed to be adopted and in the last stall on the end sat this aggressive little beagle. My DH and I looked at each other in agreement and said we would return tomorrow and would like to adopt him.
He came with the name Buddy and was born March 27, 2003 (the birthday of my deceased Dad) This had to be meant to be, what a coincidence.

The following day we returned and put the collar on our new pet. He was very hyper and we put him in our car to take him home. We had signed the papers and given our donation.
We were told that he had been badly abused and was in need of a lot of love to build a trust.
We felt we could do this after all; we had 2 shepherds for many years while our sons were growing up.

During the first 24 hours we felt we had made a big mistake and decided to return him to the shelter. We felt his behavior was beyond our ability to train and control and he nipped my husband that he needed a tetanus shot.
When we return him, the vet said he would have to quarantine him for 2 weeks.
During the two-week period neither my husband nor I mentioned Buddy.
On the 10th day we were in a store and we sort of went our separate ways, I ended up
in the pet dept and found a shampoo with a beagle on it. I went to John and said'
"Does this remind you of someone?"
"Are you thinking of Buddy?
"Yes, Maybe we made a too hasty decision to return him
My husband said in his excited expression.,
“I have been back to the shelter to see Buddy 3 times and they said
we can still have him again.”
"Let’s do it”
We went back to the shelter it was now, April 15, 2004
We gave our second donation and told the vet we were going to get him trained and
give him our love and build trust and loyalty. The vet said," take this cage it might help you in his training."
“Dr. if we did not come back for Buddy. what would have happened?”
"Due to his personality not being suitable for a family with young children, we would have had to put him to sleep."
We knew this was going to work, it had to, in order to save his life.
The first six months was the most difficult, we did get him training at Petsmart.
This did help to teach him the basic command, Sit - Lay – Come - Down
We allowed him to keep what he had grabbed, mostly socks and never tried to take it from him.
We were always very cautious getting close to him, since he would growl, show his
teeth and want to snap at us. I have to admit these were very trying times, but my husband, son and I endured with a few minor nips
As the weeks went by and now years this aggressive beagle with all his emotional baggage did a complete 360-degree turnabout. He has become so genteel, patient, loveable, and obedient friend to all of us. You would never have realized that he had had such an a bad behavior. Now when he has found a sock or grabs something he should not have, all we have to say is “Come, leave it “ and Buddy obeys.
He is so smart.
When his 2 ceramic bowls of water are empty, he crouches down and whimpers
for more water, if he feels if we do not hear him he clangs the bowls together.
He gives us no trouble putting on his rain gear to go out, but he does his job and comes right back in, He does not like the rain. He does love the car. We say we are going out or he sees us put on our coats he runs to the door. He loves to play fetch and put his head on our laps or rest his head on our table. Usually a sign of boredom and asking to go out or play.

Buddy now allows us to touch him and he becomes so affection, and gives us kisses. He performs his dancing jig when he hears one of us coming in and rushes to greet.
His favorite place is the armrest of our couch, If he is sleeping he opens his eyes and his tail wags and wags when one of us enters.
He sleeps mostly in the hallway between our bedrooms or in my son’s room. He used to love to sleep in our bed and snuggle up to my husband, or me, but due to my asthma being trigger by his hairs, we moved him out.
I love him so much that my doctor says, if he doesn’t leave, you will need to control your Asthma with medication. I take Singulair and Serevent.
Buddy travels with us and we enjoy him so much that he has become our world
We are so happy that he is a part of our family

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spaniel or Beagle?

MY WORLD "Buddy" born March 27, 2003
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"I don't think you have what we want."

"We are looking for a Brittany Spaniel or a Beagle."

My world revolves around the life of my beagle, Buddy, born on my deceased father's birthday, March 27, 2003.

It all began the day in April 2004 that we went to the the Rhode Island SPCA shelter and met this abused beagle that needed love and affection and a family he could trust.

I will be posting his adoption story on my Wednesday's Memory Walk. Please come over and see some cute pictures of Buddy in his outfits as his winter sweater, rain gear, Santa hat.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Memories

Why does it seem only like yesterday.
I had just finished my 5th year teaching while carry this first child. I never told anyone I was pregnant because in the early 70's I would have to leave teaching. So I used safety pins to keep my skirts and pants up and wore many large tops and sweaters. Many of my fellow teachers would remark how I was putting on weight. I would smile and say, "I just love to eat."
When the day would arrive I would have to make a decision to return to teaching or be a SAHM.
The day arrived 5 days early, my due date was August 6th. It was a warm Sunday morning and I awoke at 8am and I went to the bathroom and I had a showing, I called my Mom and told her, She said, "Go to the hosptial now", My DH called the number for my gynecologist, Dr Alvin Dirkin from Dirkin and Gendron and told the answering service that he was taking me in now. They told him this was my first child and I had plenty of time.He said "we want to be safe, her mother delivered her sister in the car on the way to the hospital."
We left for the hospital exactly at 8:15am and arrived at 8:30
I remember saying "Dear Lord, Please let Christopher John or Sherri Lynn come quickly"There were no test in the early 70's to deterninine the sex of the child. It did happen so quickly not even enough time to prep me. Our firstborn baby arrived exactly that Sunday morning, August 1, 1971at 9:30am (ONE HOUR!!)
7 pounds 11 ozs 19 inches
"WOW" I said I will have at least 5 more babies, this was a cinch."My first born child, was A BEAUTIFUL BOY, with lots of red hair and a strong cry. He was placed beside me and I was amazed that this beautiful little human being that my DH and I created with God's blessing. I was at St Joseph's Hosptal in Providence, RI. I had a private room which was possible with my teacher's insurance and my husband insurance. It allowed me to privately adore my little one. I wore a pink peignoir set, with fine lace and frills, "after all my GYN told me I was definitely having a little girl."
As a Corbett ritual I call John Michael every year on his birthday no matter where he is at 9:30am and we sing him "Happy Birthday.

Christening at St Theresa's Pawtucket, RI 8-15-71
As you can read he was named John after his father. We felt Christopher would be such a difficult long name to learn for school and the past 3 generations of Corbetts the first name was John and the middle named changed.

His father is John William, his Grandfather John Henry, his great grandfather, John Robert
Twenty-seven months later along came his sibling and our second, son Mark Alan. I was going to Rhode Island college, working on my Masters in Education. I actually carried this baby in June of 1973 to receive my degree. It was Friday, November 9th about 5:30 and I was getting sharp pangs. I felt I should check it out and headed to St Joseph's hospital in Providence. I was admitted because they felt I was ready to deliver as they timed me. I was prepped and went to the delivery room at 7:30 and left the delivery room at 8pm with no child. I was told that the activity has ceased and it was as if the baby went to sleep. I was told to remain in the hospital but it was okay for my husband to return home until tomorrow. My DH went home to be with our 27mo son and said he would be back tomorrow morning or sooner if the Doctor called.I remember having a night of little activity, no labor pains until the next morning. Mark Alan was delivered at 10:30am. I was actuallyinduced for the delivery to come quickly.

Saturday, November 10, 1973 at 10:30am MARK ALAN CORBETT was born.

7 pounds 9 oz 21 inches

As a Corbett ritual I call MARK ALAN every year on his birthday no matter where he is at 10:30am and we sing him "Happy Birthday."

Our first Christmas as a family, 2 sons, and a dog

December 25, 1973

My two sons, my life, my new career, being a Mommy and loving it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's my World for Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's my World
for Tuesday,
January 13, 2009

A favorite place my hubby and I love to go to is to
Oakland Beach
in Warwick, RI.

"This would be a great place to take our 2 toddler grandsons from SC" while we watched them for few days this past October while their Mommy and Daddy went to New Hampshire for a wedding, that my son was to be a groomsman.

The boys were given new experiences like eating doughboys from the famous Gus's (Iggys) since 1950's. Growing up this was my family trip practically every other weekend. There used to be a carousel and a carnival midway that was so much fun as well as the beach to swim.

They also tried clam cakes and chowder. After eating we walked the bike bath and came close to seagulls eating and then had fun collecting seashells. Finally they enjoyed the playground made to look like a ship.
A fun place for all of us and
a great RI landmark

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