Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Walk down Memory Lane 1982

A phone message I shall never forget..
I arrived home about sevenish, hungry and completely exhausted. I had just made about 25 deliveries to my Avon customers. I had been delivering so many orders for the past week. Many orders from all my customers trying to help me compete with a Avon contest and win. Grand prize was 8 days in Hawaii, second prize was a weekend in New York City, theater and dinner. I felt I would definitely win the NY trip. My sales were well over $1500.00. My DH said you received a call from Trudy (my manager) and she wants you to call her as soon as you get in.
I became so excited
"Did she tell you I won the NY weekend?
She told me to have you call. I immediately dialed her number. Trudy answered.
"Hello Trudy, this is Kathleen, I am so excited you're going to tell me I won the weekend trip. She said NO"
"No, BUT I worked so hard and you are telling me I didn't win the trip to NY"
That's right" You did not win the trip to New York City
I was shocked, speechless and began filling up with such emotion I cried.
My DH asked, "Why are you crying?"
"I won the trip to Hawaii. I cannot believe what has happened"
The trip was from December 11- December 19, 1982 " A trip I shall never forget.


Laura Hoekstra-Bettig said...

Loved this post. I have a friend who sold Avon around that same time. I still have two of the boxes pictured in your photo. They are full of supplies I used as a teacher back in the '80's. Have a blessed day!

Lynnette Kraft said...

How's that for a surprise! Wow! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii.

Thanks for sharing that fun story.


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Indiana Angel said...

Definitely a phone call you'd never forget!!

Julie said...

How awesome! I've been to Hawaii and loved it, but it would've been better if it were free! :)


lambechops said...

What a great prize! No wonder you will never forget it!

Vicky said...

John still talks about going to Hawaii with you. It sounds like it was fun!

Abigail Kraft said...

Oh wow! What a fun surprise! A free trip to Hawaii would definitely be something to remember. :) I've always thought it would be fun to go to Hawaii...the ocean is so amazing and I imagine it would be almost crystal clear and a vibrant blue on the coast of Hawaii.

Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Tanya said...

That must have been a lovely trip! My grandparents won a trip to Hawaii and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They found out they had won the trip right when they received news about that his workplace was closing done. They ended up going back there on a vacation. :)

Mindy said...

WOW how awesome is that!? I've never "known" anyone that has actually won something like that! What a great memory that is =)

Rosezilla said...

Now, that's a great memory! My mom was an Avon lady, I think it was from 1972 to 1982, if I remember right. She was always trying for trips and things. As a teen girl, I was happy to have all the Avon products to sample! And I've "inherited" one of her Mrs. Albee's that she won.

GrandmaKathleen said...

After my trip to Hawaii in '82 I took the family and my Mom and Dad in November 1984 for their 40th anniversary. It was a place that my parents always wanted to go, I am so glad we took them, my dad died 6-10-86 unexpectedly at age 64John Michael was 13 and Mark Alan was 11. Great memories that I'll never forget.

Cherdecor said...

Hello GrandmaKathleen! Thank you for stopping by my blog. You must have been a great saleslady for Avon to win a trip to Hawaii! Good for you!
My sister is 73 and she still sells Avon. She says it gets her out with people.

I went to Hawaii in 1004. My husband will be going again in February. I chose not to go this time. I am waiting to go on a trip closer home. =)

George said...

What a neat surprise. I'd never forget a phone call like that either.

Linda said...

WOW! That is an amazing story. I entered the HGTV Dream House giveaway the other day and thought that would really be amazing to win that. But the odds are not so good so that is just a pipe dream. But you worked hard and deserved that trip to Hawaii.
I'm happy that you had that exciting experience.

happylittleprince said...

Great memory! Hawaii?!? day hopefully! Good job.

Kristin said...

Wow...I have always wanted to go to Hawaii!
Thank you for your post on my blog today. Our stories about losing our moms sound so similar. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that too. Keep in touch....I look forward to reading future memory posts!

Rosezilla said...

Thanks so much for returning my visit and stopping by my blog. Unfortunately, before I could even read it, somehow your comment disappeared in to outer space! I guess that would be cyberspace. I don't know what happened, I guess I clicked the wrong thing or something. I would be much obliged if you would come back and repeat it! Thanks!

Rosezilla said...

Ok, hubby found it, so it's there now! Thanks for stopping by!

GrandmaKathleen said...

So glad you found it with you hubby's help.
When computer glitches happen to me I run to my younger son, the techie.

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi there, Thank you for coming over to visit my blog. Its always nice to meet different bloggers. Trip to Hawaii, how wonderful is that. I have never been on any special trip since I've been married. And that was a very long time. Heres hoping!

GrandmaKathleen said...

Hi Sandra,
I appreciate your morning visit. I wish I could serve you a cup of hot tea. Our weather is snowy and bitter cold.
I hope someday you will have a special trip.
Kathleen from RI
Please return and read about the births of my children on Memory Wednesday. Talk to you then:)

Ismail "the Great" said...

Reminds me of a quote I once read, "It will work if you work it."

Great story, that proves dedication to a task, mixed with hard work, and belief in ones ability, you can truly go far.

Success to you always,

Dwayne Ismail
Business Leaders Youth Alliance

GrandmaKathleen said...

Thank you Dwayne for stopping by my blog. I love meeting new online blogging friends.
I love your quote.
You are so correct that you must ACT upon your dreams and thoughts.
Kathleen from snowy RI