Monday, August 3, 2009

Come to a Tweet Party help find Vicky a kidney

Meet my sweet daughter-in-law who married my first born son, John Michael on May 20, 2000. She is holding my second grandson, Braydon Pierce born April 20, 2006.Vicky is battling a disease called Sjogren's that was misdiagnosed when she gave birth to her first child in August 2004
and it has caused her now End Stage Renal Disease from complications of her Sjogren’s.

Meet her loving husband of 9 years, my son, John Michael, and their 2 toddlers, my grandsons, Nolan Bryce going to be five on August 6. 2009 and Braydon Pierce who just turned three. Below is a photo taken at Mrytle Beach.

My daughter-in-law, Vicky has a guardian angel from Canada. She is absolutely speechless, and so am I. Check this out! This loving and caring Canadian has a heart of gold. She found my tweet for the blog I wrote at Active Rain requesting re-blogs to help find Vicky a kidney donor. She had send messages throughout her Twitter and Facebook followers. She also has blogged on her blogs about this fundraiser she instituted for Vicky's cause.

She is hosting a Tweetparty today on Aug 4th, Vicky 38th birthday, to try to find her a living donor and raise funds to help pay her medical bills.

Yrhelper's request "Bring friends and a Kidney"

She asks us to Please join her and others on Aug 4th and bring lots of friends. See Vicky Corbett's donation page on NTAF.
She requests, "Let's help this young mum!"

"Be rewarded for your Good Deeds"

Twitter as YrHelper
Facebook as YrHelper Infonut

Yrhelper/ yrhelper infonut has requested that we tweet each day the following tweet below:
@yrhelper Win a Gr8 Prize It's a Tweet Party!Tweet it up!
Promote your site and tie into a good cause
for Victoria Corbett's kidney transplant.

This wonderful person from Canada, Vicky's guardian angel has created a contest to last 30days, until Sept 4th, at midnight. She has all the instructions and details of the contest on her blog Rewards 4 Canada
Her Note: "Revenues from any purchases made through my affiliate links on all my blogs during the contest period will be donated to help meet Vicky's medical expenses."

Let's make this a very successful 30 day contest and a very meaningful Tweet Party"