Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1st Automated Post Office of the United States

My Tuesday World

First Fully Automated Post Office on the US
Post Office - Main Office 24 Corliss Street,
Providence, RI 02904
(800) 275-8777 Free

In 1958 Rhode Island Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield ordered construction of the First
Fully Automated Post Office of the United States at Providence, Rhode Island in the West River Development Area.
The Providence Post Office was designed with the latest electronic and mechanical devices of the time to automatically move more than a million pieces of mail daily with a speed and efficiency never before achieved. It became known as the "Turnkey Post Office".
This First Fully Automated Post Office of the United States was dedicated October 20, 1960 by the Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield. Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of the United States.
This is a place I frequent because their lobby which is open 24/7 with an automated mailing machine. I tell my Ebay bidders that I will ship their purchase within 24 hours of payment, therefore I am able to provide 5 star outstanding service by giving them lighting fast shipping. This has earned me 560+ feedback 100%. by shipping my items using this main Providence Posy Office rather than the local branches.


Blicky Kitty said...

Oh how fun! I found you through New England bloggers. Guess which post office I mailed my christmas cards from this year. :)

GrandmaKathleen said...

I am going to guess, it must have been my Providence main Post Office.LOL
Thanks for stopping by.

George said...

I have the stamp commemorating the opening of this post office in my collection. It was nice to get an update on the facility. Thanks.

GrandmaKathleen said...

Wow! That is great, George, I did not know you were a PHILATELIST. You are a man of many interest and talents. I have a very small collection I started when I was a teenager.

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