Saturday, February 9, 2008

Who would have thought that this 1958

Who would have thought that this 1958 Country Squire Ford wagon (color was beige)would become a delivery room on Saturday, January 18, 1958 at 10:30am. I was 14 when this special day happened. My mother was carrying her 3rd child, back in those days you did not know the gender until delivery. It was about 9:30 that morning and my mom said she felt it was time to go to the hospital, but she felt fine and took her time getting ready and had a cup of tea upstairs. My dad had gone to work to Almacs to get overtime this Saturday and she was going to go with my Aunt Hilda (Rea) and Uncle Joe, who would drive. I was to stay at home with Nana. (Who knew that Nana would be come instumental in helping me become a woman that morning, but that is another story. Nana kept telling her to leave since Lying in Hospital on Smith Street was about 30 minutes away. Nana said "I had 5 children and the time in now. The doctor is wrong" My mother said she had seen the doctor yesterday and he said it would be at least another 2 weeks. They finally left about 10:am with my mom in the back seat.
When we received the phone call later that morning we found out that my mom did not make it to the hospital before the arrival of my baby sister. she had a serious labor pain as they drove past Holy Rosary Church in Providence. As they turned towards the Hospital entrance my sister was born in the car at 10:30am. Immediately Rea ran into the hospital for help. They asked if the baby was crying. As they came out they heard the yells and told Rea everything would be fine.
My Mom and sister were rushed into the hospital to be care for by the professional OB-GYN staff. When the doctor was called his words were "I'can't believe it!"
This was a day we would all remember so clearly.

This January 18, 2008 Maureen Jean Pacheco Sweeney became 50 years old. It seems like only yesterday that this all happened. On Friday, January 8, 2008 a Surprise Birthday Party was given at the K of C hall in Riverside, RI for all her family and friends to celebrate this special occasion. The theme was "Life is a Beach" There were decorations around this theme and an orange life preserver to be signed by everyone attending.

Below are the photos of the evening that was enjoyed by everyone,


Vicky said...

It looked like everyone had a great time! I wish we could of attended. Thanks for blogging about this.

Maureen said...

Great blog and terrific pictures. Thanks for putting it all together. I still can't believe my family really pulled it off without me finding out. I would love to get a copy of all the pictures. Can I borrow your memory stick as I can't find how to get them off your slide show.


GrandmaKathleen said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the blog and the photos. It was a fabulous surprise party, and the best part was we all kept it from you so you would be surprised.
I will ask Mark to burn a CD for you.
Drive safely if you are still leaving tomorrow with Carl to celebrate your 15th Wedding Anniversary. Have a most wonderful time and keep warm and out of the snowstorm.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, Kathleen! You always make your blogs interesting! Great pics, too! Sorry my mother and I could not make it, my mother had just gotten back from Hawaii and was jetlagged plus she had bruised her ribs. Looks like everyone had a good time though!
Hope Maureen had fun and was surprised! :)


GrandmaKathleen said...

Hi Heather,
Say hello to your Mom, too.
Maureen was definitely surprised, she thought she was going out with Carl for a pre-anniversary date. Carl always surprises her for their anniversary, so he had her blindfolded. She had no idea where she was going.
Sorry you and your Mom were unable to attend, jet lag from Hawaii does need time to adjust. Sorry to hear she has bruised ribs, hope it happened while she was having a blast in Hawaii and that she heals quickly.
Tell your Mom that when she has a moment to call me so we can chat. best number is 401-725-5608.
BTW, thanks for your blog comment, you are so sweet:)