Monday, March 24, 2008

Memories of Easter

Easter has always been a special day. My memories of Easter goes back to when I was a child of five, always loving to dress up with a new dress, new Buster Brown shoes and a flowered hat. Accessories were also added to include a new hankie, purse and gloves. The photo at the left was taken April1949.
Going to St Francis Xavier Church in East Providence, RI was a family ritual.

Added to our family Easter tradition was a visit to relatives in the afternoon after our Easter dinner with Nana Pacheco and family on Warren Avenue in East Providence. We first would go to Roger Williams Park in Providence to take pictures. The photos that follow were taken at my Aunt Rosie and Uncle Manny's Medeiros's house on Douglas Avenue in Providence Easter 1955. I am eleven going on twelve and my brother, Edmund is seven.

My parents and Aunt Rosie and Uncle Manny have moved on to heaven.

Once I was married I continued the Easter tradition. There would be new Spring clothes, including the shoes. Now with children we would decorate Easter eggs and have an Easter egg hunt around the kitchen and living room. We would only allow those two rooms for the bunny to hide their eggs. John Michael are oldest and his brother, Mark Alan (they are 27 months apart) would go to the side door to get their Easter basket of goodies, always a book and small toy, usually a small Tonka truck or Hot Wheel car. After they removed their goodies and ate a few candy eggs or a marshmellow peep chick they would use their basket to gather their eggs. This photo below was taken by our son, John Michael age 7 and 8 months. He and his brother are wearing a plaid leisure suits, with a pastel dress shirt. They each were left from the easter bunny a bunny bank that you can see in the photo.

Did you know that the bunny as an Easter symbol seems to have it's origins in Germany, where it was first mentioned in German writings in the 1500s. The first edible Easter bunnies were made in Germany during the early 1800s. These were made of pastry and sugar.

You can read more about Easter by going to

This photo was taken with the Easter bunny in 1976. John Michael is 5 almost 6 and Mark Alan is 4 The Easter bunny was visiting the Lincoln Mall.

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Vicky said...

Very cute! I like your Easter Bonnet. You still look the same. I love the older pictures of John and his brother at Easter. The plaid suits are fun!