Friday, March 21, 2008

Emotional roller coaster

I found a great site
I have created a slideshow of the items I have listed in my Ebay store,

I started doing Ebay to help me cope with the sudden unexpected lost of my mother. She died on August 16, 2004 while I was in South Carolina enjoying the arrival of my first grandson, Nolan Bryce Corbett, born on August 6, 2004.

I received the call on the 16th from my sister telling me I needed to return to Rhode Island immediately. I said to her why do I need to return now when Mom's birthday party isn't until the 25th, and all the plans are all set. I plan on staying here until the 20th and then returning. She shocked me by saying I need you here now, not for planning her birthday party but for her funeral.

I was in emotional shock and just could not believe what was happening I was on an emotional roller coaster, excited,thrilled and filled with joy for the birth and arrival of our newest first member of the Corbett family and at the same time now
so sad and depressed with the death of my mother.

In Memory of MY MOTHER,

Mary Kathyrn Medeiros Pacheco

August 16, 2004

She is always on my mind and I dedicated my Ebay ME page to her. When I visit my store each day I take a moment to see her smiling face and say a prayer that she is happy to be in heaven with my dad and her Mom and Dad and her sister and brothers. Someday I, too, will join them.

Below if you click on the link you will see the slide show I created. Enjoy:)

View this slideshow created at One True Media
Kathleens Boutique 3-21-08

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Vicky said...

Nice! I love Buddy's first Christmas. He looks so cute, like he is the dog in the grinch movie. I will have to try onetrue media soon. I wish you could make it for Braydon's birthday, but we understand.