Sunday, May 4, 2008

interesting blog community for newlyweds and young parents

I was searching for a homebuyer's checklist and I came across an interesting site that many of you might like to checkout, great information for young parents and newlyweds.
This site had an interesting blog community that had a blog for getting a free sippy cup.
You need to register at
Welcome to Juicy Juice Growing Up Healthy, a supportive community and stage by stage resource center with one focus raising healthy kids!
Depending on the age of your child and the number of children you have, you will soon start receiving our Growing Up Healthy newsletters each month or every other month.
What you'll receive:Tips and advice from child experts, including pediatricians, healthcare professionals and parents!
A fully customized site with links to informationon health, development, learning, activities, andmore, all for your child's age.
Personalized Growing Up Healthy emails andother valuable Juicy Juice communications, packed with tips, expert advice, money saving offers on Juicy Juice products and more.

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Vicky said...

This is a nice website. Thanks for the info!