Sunday, July 27, 2008

90th Birthday Celebration continues.....

90th Birthday

Happy 90th Birthday to a dear most wonderful Aunt and Godmother.

The theme was "Fairy Godmother", since Hilda Pacheco Leitao never had children she was always there to be a GODMOTHER for Baptism or Confirmation. She actually has 30 godchildren. She and my late Uncle Joe became my Baptismal Godparents after they were married on July 29, 1944. This was an ideal party theme. The favors were magic wands made of star-shaped sugar cookies, and there were necklaces made of sparkling glitter and large colorful butterflies fluttering under the tents.

We needed to find a believable reason to get her to her Godchild, Donna Jean's house in East Greenwich, RI

The plan would be that her neice, Lauren Bettencourt who now lives in Boston, Ma would come to East Providence to take Auntie Rea to a place to eat in South County area. While she was heading to the restaurant she would tell her that Donna Jean had called and asked her to stop by and pick up some journalism books she had from URI that Lauren could have, since that was her major, too.

When she arrived she wanted to wait in the car, but Donna Jean insisted that she come in for a minute. As she came through the garage to wait in the back by the beautiful view of the Greenwich Bay water, we were all waiting to say SURPRISE. Gathered for this event was her younger brother, Jimmy and her baby sister, Dudater, with their families and friends. Gathering for this occasion were many relatives, cousins, nieces , nephews, great nieces and nephews and their families and many many friends.


Vicky said...

Everyone looked like they ahd a great time. Sure do wish we could of made it. We will see all of you in October!

Jenny said...

Wow! What a cake! That's one you wouldn't want to cut.