Wednesday, July 2, 2008

and the day moves on to night.......

My special day is still going strong.After the air show, my Aunt, "Godmother Hilda", my Dad's older sister, who we all call Rea asked me to come over and have some cake and ice cream as she has done for many many years. This has been a ritual every June 29th, because I was born on their mother's birthday, my Nana, Virginia Camara Pacheco. (6-29-1895). For many years before Nana passed away, there were always 2 cakes, one for her and one for me. We celebrated together. I was the first grandchild born in the Pacheco Family.

When I arrived at 7:30pm, I was welcomed with "SURPRISE" My Aunt had invited several famly members that I did not expect. My younger brother of 4 years, Edmund was there with his wife, my sister-in-law, Judith. They had just come in from Naples, Florida and will be here until they return in September. My brother and sister-in- law are now retired and live in Florida 9 months and here in RI for 3 months. They are enjoying retirement and love playing golf as often as possible. They both have had "holes in ones".
I was so surprised to see my Aunt Dudater "Dada" My father's younger sister and her husband, Uncle Whitey "Uncle Milt" They have arrived to RI as well for a few months until they return to Rotunda, FL. I had not seen them since last fall, before they left. They are retired and also love to golf.
My younger sister, Maureen Jean was there with her whole family, husband, Carl, daughter, my Godchild, Lauren, son, my nephew, Matthew and granddaughter, Hailee, who will be 8 July 3rd.
I am so proud of Lauren and Matthew, they are so loving, caring super smart young adults. Lauren works for WBZTV in Boston, Ma as an Assignment Editor, she majored in Journalism at the University of RI, and Matthew is a student at Johnson and Wales in Providence, studying Culinary Arts and specializing in Nutrition.
Also attending was my Aunt Hilda's longtime best friend, Betty Lima. She has become a part of our family and attends all functions.With everyone here we had a beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday" sung to me and I blew all the candles on the cake with one breath.
A few more photos of Aunt Hilda with her sister, Dada and neice, Judy and with Maureen , Edmund and me.

My Aunt Hilda is an amazing strong, caring women, she took care of her sick husband, Uncle Joe, her Mother, Nana and was caretaker for my mother for several years. She will be celebrating her 90th birthday this July 14th (7-14-1918) Words cannot describe how much she means to all of us. We love her as a mother. She and Uncle Joe never had children so we have all been her children.



I love all of you for making this a most memorable 64th birthday to cherish forever.

God willing may we all be here to celebrate my 65th


Vicky said...

Everyone looks so good! I bet you had a blast!! Auntie Rea will be 90?????? She looks and act amazing! I can't beleive it! We are looking forward to seeing everyone in October when we come up there! We miss you.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like everyone was enjoying themselve. Happy belated Birthday. Our one daughter is having her 50th on Sat. the 5th. Thanks for your visit.

GrandmaKathleen said...

Thank for visiting my birthday blog and sending me birthday wishes. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. We did have fun.

Send my best wishes to your daughter on her 50th.
My, you look so young to have a daughter who is 50. Keep looking young.

Jenny said...

Hope you had a great birthday! Mine is the 11th. I think July is the perfect month to be born.

GrandmaKathleen said...

Thank you for your birthday wishes and a early Happy Birthday to you.

The summer is a great time for birthdays, but extremely hot for a mom bearing a child. I carried John Michael through the hot summer, he was born August 1st.

Maureen said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday. I guess this year was the year for great birthdays (yours and mine). I wish I could blog half as good as you. Your site makes mine look pathetic.

GrandmaKathleen said...

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Yes this is the year of special birthdays.

Give yourself some time and your blog will blossom and be terrific. You are off to a great start. Just talk about something you would say to someone on the phone or in person and than add some pictures.
Get inspiration by visiting other blogs. I have made some wonderful caring blog friends.