Saturday, July 5, 2008

I've been tagged......

I have been tagged by my daughter-in-law, Vicky, at 2lilpumpkins
Here are my responses:
Two names you've gone by: 1) Kathie 2) Kathleen, after my Mom's best friend's mother is Des Moines, Iowa
Two things I’m wearing right now: 1) pink sleeveless dress-so comfortable 2) butterfly sandals.
Two things I want (or have) in a relationship: 1)A caring, understanding husband who is affectionate,as hugging, cuddling and kissing 2)my best friend for 39 years

Two of my favorite things to do: 1) Reading, especially to my grandsons, even long distance over the phone 2) Selling on Ebay and always Walking
Two things you did last night: 1)watch fireworks with John and Buddy 2)
Send emails to my friends and family wishing them a Happy safe 4th of July .
Two people you last talked to: 1)John 2) Mark and Buddy

Two things you’re doing tomorrow:
1) Church 2)Oakland Beach
Two longest car rides: 1)RI to Anderson , SC 2) RI to Montreal, Canada I much prefer to flying but now so expensive!
Two favorite holidays: 1)Thanksgiving 2) Christmas and my Birthday
Two favorite drinks: 1)water 2) tea
Two things about me you may not have known: 1) I love to be creative, drawing, painting, sketching, blogging 2)I am an achiever, love to excel and win (played Intramurals through high school and entered Science Fairs and won First grants more than once.
Two jobs I’ve had in my life: 1) Cashier for Almacs-supermarket 2) Avon representative since 1972
Two movies I would watch over and over: 1)Sound of Music 2) Its a Good Life
Two favorite foods: 1)chicken and turkey 2) Indian
Two places I’d rather be right now: 1) in SC with my grandsons and family 2) at the beach in Hawaii
If you read this and you haven't been tagged yet and you want to participate, please consider yourself tagged. Copy & paste the questions and insert your own answers.


Kelly said...

Hey! It is so fun to read everyone's answers. I am an Avon representative too! Have been for about 5 months.

GrandmaKathleen said...

Avon is a great company to work for. I wish you much success.
I started when John Michael was only 15 months old and my DH had torn the cartlege of his knee while going to grab our son before he put a cigarette butt in his mouth. Neither he nor I smoke but my Mom was over the night before and I didn't empty the ashtrays, since I had to rush off to class.
Thanks for adding me to your favorites. So glad Vicky mentioned my blog to you. It is so much fun. Vicky got me started.

Nancy said...

Good Morning Kathlene, It is nice to meet you out here in blog land! Please come by anytime and visit, My home is always open:)
I will add you to my blog list and you can add me also. Oh, Happy belated birthday! Hope you have a good day! Nancy

GrandmaKathleen said...

Thank you for visiting today and becoming my new blog friend in Tennessee. I have added you to my list of favorites and thank you for adding me to your Southern Lady blog.
You have a lovely site and your music is great, many favorites of mine as Gil and Rimes. I also love selling on EBay, my id is eba1614.
BTW, thanks for your birthday wishes, I did have a most memorable day.