Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All Aboard Fun with Thomas the Train get one FREE

Go to your nearest Toys-R -Us store and use the the coupon that you print from "Hey Its Free" to get your Thomas the tank engine toy train.

I found out about this by one of my favorite links, Hey its free

I went to my local store in South Attleboro, Ma and they did not
have any Thomas the Tank Engine left however, I could get any of Thomas's friend for free as long as the price was no more than $12.99
I selected Sir Topham Hatt's Car, (retail $10.99) and Sir Handel,
this narrow-gauge old timer likes things his way (retails $10.99)
There were also Bertie the Bus, Annie and Clarabel, Thomas' two coaches
This coupon expires July 5th, 2008 so do not miss out.

If you want to have fun games, activities, videos you need to go to the Thomas the Train fun page
I had fun playing the memory game, building an engine puzzle and selecting the emotions on the faces of the trains.

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