Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Having a day of freebies is terrific and FUN

Today was a day of such delight since I was receiving free items, which I want to share with you.
After renewing my Bally's Fitness membership for another year I went to Taco Bell to get a Free Taco Bell Fruitista Freeze w/ any purchase. Coupon is in the lower right hand corner.

I ordered a bean burrito for only $.89 and received a mango-strawberry frutista freeze. (a $1.99 value) If you like slurpees or slush then you will like this refreshing drink. My DH had the same. After we went to Emerald Mall in South Attleboro, Ma just over the RI line to go to Macy's to get there free offer.
They are giving a free pair of Jockey Underpanties This was a $9.50 value

If you have an opportunity, go to Taco Bell, coupon good until June 19, 2008
Macy's is good until June 6, 2008

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Vicky said...

Yummy...I may print it off today to use for lunch tomorrow or Thursday. Thanks!

The swing set is still coming along. It looks like it will be finished by this weekend. It has been hectic at work, but I promise to post this week. :)