Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary

We were married on Saturday, June 28, 1969 at 11:00am at St Francis Xavier Church on Carpenter Street in East Providence, Rhode Island June 28, 1969 39 years ago

I am married to a most thoughtful guy who never forgets our anniversary nor my birthday.

I was working on the computer tonight when he and Mark came in at 11:30pm after visiting our Aunt Hilda. He came over to the computer and asked what I was doing and what time it was.

I said it was 11:57 pm. and Why? He didn't answer and just kind of hung around.

At 12:01am he leaned over and said Happy Anniversary and kissed me and handed me a dozen of beauiful red roses and a card. This is what the card said

To the Woman I love on our Anniversary

There is a hand I love to hold, a face I love to see,

There is a voice I love to hear, that means the world to me.........

There is a tender, loving kiss that warms me through and through,

There is a certain smile that always cheers me when I'm blue........

There is a heart that understands what I am dreaming of......

and all of these belong to you-

the wonderful woman

I love

Happy Anniversary

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Vicky said...

So sweet! We will be calling soon. STop and smell the roses for me. Happy Anniversary!

PS. You have been tagged by me again. :)